The Principe


The adventure of Agriturismo Principe Amedeo began on December 7th, 2011, with an unforgettable evening attended by more than 1500 guests. That first evening exceeded all expectations, and from that moment on, Principe Amedeo has continued to grow and develop, transforming into the magical place it is now.

Principe Amedeo is much more than a place for dining and hospitality; it is an extended family that has dedicated forty years to the agri-food sector. The passion and the desire to achieve extraordinary things are contagious and have been passed down from generation to generation. Today, the Agriturismo is led by the Caceffo family, along with a close-knit team of collaborators who work with enthusiasm and professionalism to provide a unique experience for our guests.

The best ideas do not, come from reason
but from a lucid visionary madness
- Erasmus from Rotterdam


The philosophy of Agriturismo Principe Amedeo is rooted in a passion for the land, a love for the territory, and a dedication to offering unforgettable experiences to our guests. With our hearts tied to traditions and our eyes always looking towards the future, we work diligently and devotedly to provide a welcoming and authentic environment where every guest can feel like a part of our extended family.


“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” - L.Tzu

The name "Principe Amedeo" was not chosen by chance: it derives from the namesake prince of the Savoy family, a distinguished figure who fought in the famous Battle of Custoza right in this territory. This name pays homage to the history and traditions of this wonderful land that now hosts the Agriturismo.

The Prince married a noblewoman from Piedmont, Maria Vittoria, after whom our new Agriturismo is named. It was inaugurated in August 2022 and is located just 300 meters from Principe Amedeo. Agriturismo Maria Vittoria is the dream of a Family that has finally come true.

In our farmhouses, history merges with nature, and the passion for the territory blends with family hospitality.


We put our hearts into what we do, but we never forget to use our heads and respect for the environment. We’re fully aware that a hospitality structure like Principe Amedeo consumes important resources. Therefore, we take great care to avoid unnecessary waste. Thanks to a large photovoltaic system, we produce much of the energy needed to light up your evening and power our kitchens. We draw the water needed to irrigate our olive trees, the fruit trees and our well-tended garden from our own well. Plus we privilege integrated and natural pest-management methods over the use of chemical products for our fields. We love the landscape we live in and do everything we can to preserve and look after it, just as we would do for our own loved ones.



“A house is not just
a matter of bricks
but of love.”

{    C. Bobin    }