Authentic flavours, only fresh food and top-quality ingredients. Sure, thats what everyone says nowadays. But at Principe Amedeo, we try to go one step further and add TASTE to the mix, the pleasure of a dinner or a lunch thats unforgettable thanks not just to the food you eat, but also to courtesy and attention to detail. At Principe Amedeo, there are no superstars, only people who believe in what they do. We give our guests exactly what we would want for ourselves.

Enjoy the certainty youve made the right choice and feeling like a prince at a banquet.

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We always like to give more. We love seeing people smiling and having fun; when they put aside their daily cares and live in the present moment, there’s a different light in their eyes. This is why we put on events full of music, fun and life. In the end, it’s also for our benefit – knowing we’ve given our guests an unforgettable evening is one of the best rewards we could hope for.

A happy memory is priceless, a jewel that stays with us and always brings a smile to our lips. The Principe Amedeo farmhouse is available for your special moments, whether a party, a celebration, an important event in your own life or in one of your loved ones’ lives. We will take care of every little detail – all you’ll have to do is sit down and enjoy spending a few hours with the people you care about most.